What Are You Beholding?


“Behold”! What a word! To be and to hold: Is there anything better? But the question is: “What or who are we beholding?” Is it the truth? Is it God and all that He is?

The first thing I heard upon rising out of my sleep recently was: “Behold, the bridegroom cometh!” Oh my! Do you know that the root of the Hebrew word CHATHAN translated ”bridegroom” has the meaning “to contract affinity”? “Affinity means you have the same genetic make up, you have the same thoughts, the same ideas, the same emotions, the same actions, even when you are not physically together… The bridegroom agrees, yay, purposes to spiritually bring affinity into the life of His COMPLETED ONE…. The Hebrew word KALLAH (bride) means “the completed one” or “perfected one which reveals the concept of a woman being completed once she is married to her husband.” J. Preston Eby…

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